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Ricardo Roque

Full-stack software engineer and recent graduate of Hack Reactor with a B.A in Psychology from UC Berkeley. I currently work most frequently with JavaScript, React, Express, and Node.js. I combine my technical skills with communication and problem-solving skills gained from over 10 years of prior experience in people-facing roles across healthcare and hospitality to effectively collaborate across teams and solve real-world problems with clean optimized software solutions.

About Me
About 1 year ago, I was introduced to coding, and I was hooked. I fell in love with the problem-solving aspect and quickly saw the potential to make an impact on people all over the world through my software solutions. This led me to career change from a very secure career in optometry to software engineering, and I have never looked back.
Now I strive to use the right tools for the job and best practices to create purposeful software solutions. While immersed at Hack Reactor, I not only gained a strong foundation in software engineering fundamentals by focusing on my command of the JavaScript language and tools/frameworks associated with it, but also, I followed industry practices such as agile development, test driven development, and pair programming. This allowed me to build full-stack microservices using tech that includes JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, Express, Node.js, Webpack, Docker, databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Cassandra), testing tools such as Enzyme and Jest, build tools such as Grunt and CircleCI, optimization tools such as Redis and New Relic, and deployment via AWS. When combined with my communication and numerous interpersonal skills gained while providing patient care and 10 years of customer service experience, I am someone that is capable of bringing great contributions to the team.
I'm looking for
I am actively looking for opportunities to join a company where I can apply my full-stack skills gained this past year to contribute towards solving real-world problems with purposeful software solutions. On a high level, I am personally motivated by tasks that allow me to make an impact on people’s lives in some meaningful way. I would be interested in joining a mission-driven company with similar goals. I also value great communication, diversity and inclusion friendly environments, and empathy. My dream company would be open to providing opportunities for professional and personal growth so that I can continue to make a progressively greater impact on the company in the long-term.
Software Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend developer, Backend Engineer, Web Developer

San Francisco Bay Area

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