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Rebecca Willett

MBA turned web developer with experience in startups and social impact

About Me
After completing my MBA in Buenos Aires and spending two years as the General Manager of a coworking space for tech companies in Miami, I was craving a different logical and creative challenge. I dove into coding and never looked back! After a bootcamp and several months of self-directed learning, I'm now seeking a front end or full stack developer role. I have experience with HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, React, Vue, Node.js, Express, REST APIs, and MongoDB. Outside of coding, I'm an active member of our local tech and startup community. I teach occasional workshops on lean startup methodology; I'm an organizer for our local 1 Million Cups chapter; and I'm a member of the Global Shapers Miami hub.
I'm looking for
I'm really proud of how far I've come in my coding journey— and mostly on my own! But I'm currently at the point at which, in order to truly continue leveling up, I need to be working with a team on real-world projects, and go beyond just my own code for my own personal projects. I hope to work with a team with whom I can find a healthy balance of independence, ownership, and support from more experienced teammates when I need it. Ideally I'd like to be working with a Javascript stack as that's where I'm currently strongest, but am very open to learning new technologies/languages!
Full stack / front end web developer

Miami, FL or remote

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