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Rachel M. Murray

I'm a service designer and researcher in NYC interested in helping create social impact interventions to help people thrive.

About Me
I'm a designer who helps organizations and communities cope with complex adaptive system change using service design, UX design and product management to foster connection, tame complexity and create resilient, thriving people and organizations. My purpose is to help to nurture human potential through the creation of more humane, emotional, delightful products and services, and my work has often centered on vulnerability, identity, resilience and community to shape social design interventions for Fortune 500 companies, government, NGOs and startups in a variety of sectors. I'm a graduate of the MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design and the Honors B.A. program from the University of Toronto in the Ethics, Society and Law program with minors in philosophy and humanities and psychoanalytic thought. I'm fueled by a good admixture of participatory design, ethics, future world making, service design and so much more.
I'm looking for
A great team, interesting solution space/challenge to explore and ideally the ability to make systems change. Open to sectors and challenges, with an emphasis on healthcare, wearables, emerging tech, IoT and anything around equity centered design, among other topics.
Service designer, design strategist, strategic designer, UX researcher and product designer

New York City but open to relocation for the right team

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