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Qa'id Jacobs

I'm a designer and thinker cut from a different cloth. I've done creative and strategic work in 5 different industries over the past 15 years. As a father, DJ, and partner, I've got strong opinions that are [usually] loosely held.

About Me
As a designer and a critical thinker, I develop creative and flexible solutions to complex and meaningful design challenges, no matter the context, environment, or technology. I've been a contributor and leader on projects in various industries and countries on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. To reach my next level of accomplishment, I'm looking to help organizations large and small with their Human-centered Experience Design, from developing strategy to executing tactics.
I'm looking for
In addition to delivering interfaces and product experiences that keep audiences engaged and active, I'm interested in applying modern design principles and my own design processes towards the goal of helping organizations LIVE their values and visions through both the customer and colleague experiences.
I am eager to find myself in an environment where I can leverage my years of design to affect and elevate organizational culture and strategy. And although I've been designing for a long time, I would be the first to admit that true mastery still eludes me. I work regularly to keep my current skills sharp and to improve myself by attending conferences and workshops, as well as continuously seeking mentors to help ground and guide me. My next ideal opportunity will support me in those areas of personal challenge and growth. Knowing that I'm both an introvert (somewhere along that spectrum) and that I get a kick from the adrenaline of speaking publicly, I'm looking for a role where I get be in the spotlight to share my insights, help extend the perspectives of my colleagues about design, product, and customer experience, and continuously democratize the craft of design.
UX Designer / Product Designer / Design Mentor


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