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Prithvi Gandhi

I am a data analyst working in NYC. I am passionate about using data to solve problems and love learning about new technologies.

About Me
I have a background in biomedical engineering and experience in website/social media analytics. I use the necessary tools and techniques to manipulate and present data and insights to inform business decisions. I like all aspects of the data process from import/cleaning to analysis and presentation, and primarily use Python, SQL, and Excel, among other tools. I enjoy being a part of a motivated and fun team and would love to use my skills to solve real-world problems and learn along the way.
I'm looking for
I am looking for a data scientist role that gives me ample opportunity to learn along the way. I am interested in a role where I work on interesting, real-world projects with a supportive and fun team and environment. I would like to work on more long-term projects as opposed to regular data analysis and reporting, but am open to everything. I would also like to work at a company that encourages self and career-advancement by providing ample career opportunities to grow as well as mentorship.
Data Scientist, Data Analyst

NYC, Remote

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