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Pearl McPhee

I’m a creative technologist who is passionate about social change, mentoring and continuous learning.

About Me
I have 3 years of experience working the Javascript ecosystem (ES5/ES6, React, Redux, Angular). I also have experience with using Webpack for code splitting, front-end unit testing and writing semantic and accessible HTML5 markup. I currently work on a small remote and Agile team creating mobile first technology for a fast paced healthcare social enterprise. I have collaborated closely with the UI/UX and product design and support teams throughout the entirety of the development life cycle one larger projects and features such as this progress web application (http://healthneeds.org/appdemo) used by low income patients to find local resources for food, childcare, and more.
I'm looking for
- Impact
- cross team collaboration
- cross level collaboration, mentoring and being mentored
Front-end Developer

DC, Remote, VA and MD if metro accessible

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