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Oliver Leigh Coley

I am a junior developer with a background in education and art. I have both front-end and back-end experience, and work primarily in JavaScript (React, Node, Express) as well as Sequelize/PostgreSQL.

About Me
I started as a developer because I believe that tech can build accesible and innovative solutions to real-world issues and I wanted to be a part of that. In addition, I love solving problems and being in an environment where I can always be learning and exposed to new skills.
My background as an educator has given me excellent diagnostic and troubleshooting skills, which have translated seamlessly into my work in programming, especially in my approach to getting unstuck when it comes to new technologies. Furthermore, teaching classes of 20-30 students taught me how to quickly build rapport with many different kinds of people, giving me a unique strength when it comes to collaborative work environments.
I am eager to use my passion for innovative problem solving to contribute to a developer team and I appreciate your commitment to supporting diversity in tech.
I'm looking for
I want to work for a company with a great work culture. Somewhere that values collaboration and innovation, and is committed to mentorship and fostering an environment of professional growth. As a non-binary person I value companies that are committed to hiring and fostering diverse people, and that will advocate for their employees.
Wed Developer, Front End Developer, Full-Stack Developer

Northern Virginia, DC

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