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Nikema Prophet

I'm a language-agnostic software developer currently focused on a JavaScript stack for fullstack development. I'm eager to do honest work with great people.

About Me
I’ve had a lifelong passion for technology and I started coding over 20 years ago. I earned a Web Developer certificate back in 2012. I’m now making my first sustained effort to break into the field as a software developer.
I’m currently the founder of my own startup PopSchools. I put my startup work on the back burner to attend Lambda School full time as a participant in their inaugural Summer Hackers Program. After leaving Lambda School with updated web development skills, I decided to keep my business on the back burner and seek my first technical role.
I'm looking for
Culture is everything. A minimum requirement of mine is a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion. My dream role combines both my technical and interpersonal skills. I want to work with good people who are using technology to make a positive impact on the world.
I’m searching for a full-time technical position in an environment that offers a challenge, mentorship, and an opportunity to be a part of a successful team.
Frontend Developer


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