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Navraj Narula

My name is Navie Narula and I am a recent masters graduate from Columbia University, where I studied computer science with a focus on natural language processing and computational journalism. I am passionate about building systems and features that prevent abuse and would love to especially work at a social media company or any company whose mission aligns with social good.

About Me
I am an expert Python developer, familiar with tools such as Git, Atlassian, AWS, and GCP. I can also code in Java, C, and MySQL and am happy to learn any new tools and technologies you may need me to learn for my new job.
I'm looking for
I would love to work at a company that not only values their engineers, but also puts effort into mentorship, community-building, and team off-sites. I am open to working at a small or large company that supports these ideas.
Software Engineer or Data Scientist

Boston, New York, San Francisco, or Remote

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