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Nalut Sangtakraw

I’m a self-motivated full stack developer with a focus on MERN stack. I have 5+ years in information technology with skills and experiences in software development and data analysis. I enjoy building beautiful and interactive web applications.

About Me
With 4 years in IT industry, I offer the technical expertise in software development. I have served as a Solutions Engineer at Zerion Software, a mobile data collector company. In this position, I have helped clients improve their data collection operations as well as implemented a couple of web application projects.
I have acquired more knowledge about web technologies from the GWU’s Web Development Boot Camp. I graduated the program in May 2018 with a focus on MERN stack. I believe the combination of my work experience and education have prepared me well for a web developer position.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for a role that allows me to utilize and improve my web development skills and at the same time let me learn and grow continuously.
Web Developer

DC Metro, Remote

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