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Meron Desta

I am a recent graduate of the Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp at GW. When I am not trying to sharpen my coding skills, you can find me tending to my garden.

About Me
A solution-driven Data Scientist with over three years of experience in data analysis and visualization as well as building high-performance teams. A dedicated leader with management experience in research, service industry, real estate, and corporate environments. Completed a certificate program for Data Analysis and Visualizations from the George Washington University. I strive to identify and solve business problems by helping organizations make data-driven decisions. I offer my problem-solving skills from a background in biological sciences and research, as well as my core technical abilities in Python, MySQL, Tableau, and more.
I'm looking for
Work on a team in a fast paced environment with room for growth.
Data Analyst, Data Scientist

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area

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