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Marissa Wood

I’m a Software Engineer with a background in physics who is seeking new ways to solve problems and bring people together. My curiosity and competitive nature bolster my continuous pursuit of self-improvement.

About Me
I'm a career switcher with a background in physics and leadership experience in k12 education. I recently completed a Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly. With my unique background, excellent quantitative skills and ability to learn quickly, I can be an asset to any engineering team. Check out my portfolio at https://marissawood.github.io/
I'm looking for
I’m seeking a position where I can use my coding skills to make an impact that I can see with my own eyes. Being at a company where I can grow and work toward something I care about matters.
My ideal role is on an engineering team that is prepared to mentor and train up someone who is more junior but where I can make a real impact very quickly.
Most of my coursework and projects were completed in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React.js, Node, Express, MongoDB. I have some experience with python, django and SQL and I am willing to learn new technologies and languages.
Web Developer/Software Engineer

Washington, DC, willing to relocate for a great opportunity

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