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Lynn Celestine

I'm very analytical and thoughtful. I love to play deep video games, express my self how I'm happy through fashion, and learning about the mind.

About Me
I love to study social sciences, collaborate in humanities, & solve problems in code because I feel that everyone's thoughts & feelings deserve to be equally understood so they can live in harmony & fulfillment w/ people that mean something to them.
I'm looking for
An environment with creative open-minded people, especially hispanic and lgbt people that I could identify and work together with. I appreciate when I can communicate technical ideas with my actual coworkers as a hispanic person who shares responsibility and my thought with others. In general I'd like to be around social and expressive people and like roles that have to do with making meaningful connections between people.
Web Developer Mainly. I work both front end and back end with the Nerds Stack. I also have some experience in mobile too.

Nyc in the office (Flexibility would be nice)

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