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Lucy Suddenly

My name is Lucy, I'm a 32 year old trans woman from Seattle, WA. I'm a bright, analytical full-stack web developer.

About Me
I love to use my software engineering skills to change things for the better. Pursing change for a better future is exciting and rewarding to me, so I strive to select the right problems and build great solutions. I learn quickly and always meet challenges with a deliberate, thorough approach.
I'm looking for
I want to lean into a good challenge with socially valuable outcomes. My dream job would be in social media -- I love how it connects us all to a greater degree than ever before. Work that builds relationships among people appeals to me greatly, whether in product outcomes or working toward better-functioning teams during development.
I'm skilled in front-end and back-end work, with a passion for tricky programming challenges both server-side and client-side. I thrive on the process of breaking a problem down into solvable components and piecing together robust solutions.
Full-Stack Web Developer

Seattle, Remote

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