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Lindsey Gemmill

I’m an accessibility certified web/ux designer with experience building websites and products. My ability to code with HTML and CSS allows me to bridge the gap between design and development teams.

About Me
I'm a UX/Web Designer with agency experience and award-winning website designs. My background is "print gone digital" and it's helped shaped a unique perspective to approaching website and product design. I bring 10 years of experience with me and have enjoyed that throughout my career every project has brought forth new challenges that I have learned from.
I currently work in a remote environment and have been doing work remotely for the past 3 years, making Slack my best friend. I’m a strong advocate for good communication, especially with remote teams, and believe that it is essential to successful projects.
Alongside my desire to build functional and aesthetically pleasing websites, I also practice digital inclusion, by making web accessibility a priority in my process. I am a certified web accessibility professional through the IAAP and enjoy advocating for accessible experiences across the web.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for the ability to grow with a team that is as hard-working and dedicated to a successful product as I am. I thrive in environments where collaboration is a priority, and the respect of my teammate's time and energy is just as important as the end result. I enjoy learning new things from people, as well as teaching those what my 10+ years of agency experience have shaped me into. Another valuable asset a company can have is to promote and support a flexible atmosphere where life is allowed to happen. Toxic work environments are a thing of the past, and hard-work pays off!
Lastly, and most importantly, is the ability to grow within an organization and do so without clouded judgement based on trivial things like gender or race. It is important to me that all team members are given equal opportunity. The ability to grow within an organization is vital and the stability of the organization is valuable. I'm looking for a long-term role where I don't have to constantly be worried about the health of the organization.
Senior Level Designer or Creative Director or Higher

Ocean City, MD or Remote

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