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Lauren Abramsky

I design and code web and mobile experiences, but empathy is my super power. I’m passionate about making the world of tech more inclusive for users and creators alike.

About Me
For the last 3 years I've worked as a Front End Engineer at Deloitte Digital, creating JavaScript and iOS apps from end to end. Consulting has allowed me to wear many hats, gaining experience as a developer and team lead, while getting to work closely with designers and business leaders to build our products.
Outside of work, I decided to pursue my passion for UX design in a bootcamp course. I loved learning about the principles of psychology and how we can design experiences that work with our patterns of thought.
I'm looking for
I care deeply about creating experiences that are ethical, research-driven, and filled with empathy. For my next role, I'm looking for a team where I can solve dynamic problems and make a positive social impact.
As a motivated self-starter, I'm looking for a role where I can have autonomy and ownership over my work, balanced with support and mentorship from leadership.
Diversity and inclusion is incredibly important to me, and I'm hoping to find a workplace that shares my values.
Front End Engineer

London, UK

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