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Laura Godinez

Hello! I'm Code2040 Alumni graduating May 2019; looking for software engineering opportunities, preferably backend or full-stack. :)

About Me
I'm currently in my last semester of my Computer Science B.S. In my past three internships (at Intel, PagerDuty, and Brigade) I've been able to gain backend and full-stack engineering skills. I've experienced a variety of company sizes (from 100K+ to 50 employees), allowing me to see how this affects engineers workload and responsibility.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for a small to medium sized company that is mission-driven. I enjoy being apart of a team that's collaborative and has the freedom to make their own decisions on how to move a project forward. A good mentor who makes sure you're enjoying your job and is helping you work towards your goals is a plus!
Software Engineer

Bay Area (SF, Oakland, etc)

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