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Full-stack web dev who builds beautiful, functional websites using React, Node, MySQL, Handlebars, Express, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. Fluent in Mandarin and Hungarian; published sci-fi author.

About Me
Motivated and creative full-stack web developer who builds beautiful, functional websites, hoping to pursue a passion for language-learning and cultural exchange via tech routes. 8+ years of prior professional experience; fluent in Mandarin and Hungarian and proficient in Swedish; spent nearly 6 years living and working in China.
My career has been shifting more and more tech-oriented, with my last position being Operations at a startup that provided verified video interviews for Chinese students interested in studying abroad, and I decided in May to make the leap and learn full-stack web development at George Washington. GW's Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp provided me with a wide, comprehensive base of languages and programs currently in use, including React, MySQL, Git, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node, Express, Angular, Handlebars, MongoDB, and HTML/CSS. I also created and manage both a Slack channel and a Slack group for GW Coding Women, a channel for women who've passed through the GW coding bootcamps and wish to remain networked.
I'm looking for
I'm seeking a role that will allow me to develop my current skills while pushing me to learn new things. I am a lifelong learner, always picking up new languages (Spanish is next!) and skills, and am comfortable taking initiative in a role requiring flexibility and problem-solving.
Dream role would be at a company developing language-learning technology, or helping people to have cross-cultural experiences. I prefer a diverse team, would love chances for professional development, and strongly prefer a work environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and a strong work-life balance. Feedback is important to me as well: I'd love a work environment where active learning and feedback are built-in.
My core values are integrity, creativity, honesty, reliability, and clarity/openness in communication.
Full-Stack Web Developer, Front-End Web Developer, Database Administrator

Northern VA, DC, remote; available for travel but not relocation

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