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Krisztina Sztupakne Molnar

Junior web developer with graphic design background

About Me
Creativity is my cup of tea, as a graphic designer I used to make something new every day. I realised that there is also a lot of space for creativity in non artistic fields, and that I find solving technical problems as inspiring and exciting as graphical ones, this is why I felt that moving on towards web development would be the perfect step combining the two worlds.
I'm looking for
Ideally, I’d like to work in a friendly environment where I could use my skills to help other people getting better access to education, culture, healthcare, or to improve their lives in any other meaningful way.
My highest priority right now is the quality of the team (aka the company culture): supportive people, good communication, inclusivity, transparency. I also appreciate flexible working hours - both as useful feature and sign of trust.
Web Developer, Frontend Developer

onsite, 60-200 company

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