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Kimberly McCaffrey

Career shifting from Military Spouse to Developer. Would love to work in Minneapolis!

About Me
Before I was a Military Spouse, my career was in pharmaceutical Quality Assurance/Quality Control. I started in the laboratory performing microbial and environmental testing and validation. When business subsided, I shifted to QA-Documentation. I enjoy editing/proofreading and have helped several peers using this skill. In November, I earned my Nanodegree in Front-End Development. My current position is QA-Manual Regression Testing.
I'm looking for
My dream company would have offices in England (I lived there for 27 months, and would love to return on business occasionally), the industry would be pharmaceutical or banking (I like the stability and structure of official regulations). I am eager to move to Minneapolis, but will consider outside the city (after decades away from family, I need to live closer). I enjoy creating manual testing scenarios and documentation, as well as work others find repetitive.
Front-End Developer or Quality Analyst

Minneapolis, Remote

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