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Kiara Contreras

Fullstack Developer looking for Frontend work using React. Cat lover, plant mom, green tea fanatic.

About Me
In my current role I have advanced my PHP/Laravel knowledge in order to help build a B2B portal. This portal includes a bottle shop page, checkout process, and a completely functional admin-only portion for order management. My responsibilities also included working alongside designers and updating the Frontend UI to match new wireframes with VueJs. I'm particularly proud of integrating Avalara's Tax API and CertCapture API in order to calculate taxes and capture tax exemption forms. My personal work includes CRUD projects using technologies such as React, NodeJS, Express, Electron, and Ruby/Rails. In my free time I'm a mentor and volunteer at NanoHackers Academy, Tech Scholars, and Brooklyn Animal Action.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for a team where I can concentrate on frontend development and have opportunities to have access to a mentor.
Front End Developer, Frontend Developer

New York City, Remote

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