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Kevyn Gandaho

I am focused on learning and utilizing the tools around me. With the advancements in technology, especially the Internet, I am able to access vast libraries of information at my fingertips. We are in the information age and it is a great time to teach ourselves to become a jack of all trades. I am eager to prove my potential and utilize my strengths in the workforce.

About Me
I am a self taught and motivated individual. I enjoy being challenged and working outside my comfort and knowledge set, because it gives me an opportunity to research and learn, and broaden my knowledge. I feel that I am in the perfect industry, because technology is always evolving, and it is impossible to get bored with the ever changing landscape. I am a hard worker, and extremely dedicated to my workplace. I will give 100% everyday I am employed at your company.
I'm looking for
My dream consists of working for a company that has a chill but professional culture. I am a team player and enjoy working with colleagues that enjoy being collaborative. The company that I work for has to give opportunities for their workers to grow and learn.
Java/Kotlin Developer, Web Developer, Full-Stack Development

St. Louis, Remote

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