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Kevon Eaglin

👨🏾‍💻 Software Developer. Design Enthusiast. Happy Hubby. Nerd. ENT(P/J)-T.

About Me
I'm a software developer who has been pursuing programming for a long time now. My pursuit had always taken a backseat to working and caring for family, but that changed in the fall of 2016. I got hurt at work and a few months later, I was let go. So I took that as an opportunity to finally make a career change.
After looking at what felt like hundreds of options and getting into a couple of other bootcamps I couldn't afford, this pursuit culminated in attending General Assembly DC. Opportunity@Work's Learn and Earn program solidified my decision. They offered a living stipend in addition to setting me up with an income-share agreement for tuition. That settled it. I was ready to take the plunge and wanted to fill knowledge gaps that kept me from feeling like a competent, employable developer. I graduated from their Web Developer Immersive program and have continued to stay sharp using my burgeoning skillset.
I am an intellectually curious problem-solver with a dedication to communicating clearly and a creative mindset. My supportive nature and empathetic approach to relating to others drives innovation and brings out the best in my colleagues. I strive to be honest and do no harm.
I'm looking for
I want to work remotely for a company that shares my values of defaulting to transparency. Open, honest communication. Treating its people like human beings. Somewhere that truly believes and invests in inclusion. Not just attracting diverse hires, but retaining them. And I want to work on exciting projects. Right now I'm really into React (and particularly like Next.js so far), Rails and Django.
Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer

Remote, DC, Austin, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, Raleigh, Chicago

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