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Katie Fujihara

I am a UI Engineer who is looking for their first technical role. Technologies I am comfortable with are HTML/CSS(❤️)/React. I am interested in building UI for websites and design systems.

About Me
I graduated from the University of Hawaii - Shidler College of Business in 2015 with a degree in Business-Marketing. I also graduated with a major in Japanese Language and Literature and a minor in Women/Gender Studies. My cumulative GPA was 3.9.
While I am no longer pursuing marketing as a profession, I want to tie in my education to my future role. I want an employer to see me as a whole package and not look solely at my experience in the field doing technical work.
I'm looking for
I am looking for a company that has a culture that is inclusive and fosters mentorship. I also want a company that values my communication skills, drive, ambition, and passion for learning. My dream role would be to building UI for websites and help teams with their design systems/styleguides. I love to work at the intersection of product design and frontend engineering.
UI engineer, Frontend engineer

Portland or Remote

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