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Kate Harvey-Vieira

I'm a recent university graduate looking to get into the tech industry. I am interested in web development, machine learning, logic & mathematics!

About Me
I am a recent graduate of Quest University Canada, a Liberal Arts and Sciences university located in Squamish BC. The Quest education focuses on interdisciplinary and experiential learning, rhetoric, critical thinking, and collaboration. This unique education taught me to always be flexible and take initiative, and above all to remain curious.
More recently I completed a digital skills course in Toronto through Canada Learning Code. The 7 week course focused on HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, UX/UI, and SEO.
With nine years of experience in customer facing roles including serving, retail, and receptionist positions, I am highly skilled at communicating effectively, showing empathy, and creating a lasting connection with clientele. Last but not least I am intelligent, articulate, and relentless.
I'm looking for
My ideal company is one where there are opportunities to learn and grow in the role. I love working with like-minded people who are passionate about what they do.
Front-end Web Developer

Toronto, Montreal, Remote

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