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Jules Santiago

Hello I'm Jules, I have worked in Ai/tech for almost a year now with experience in Quality Operations and Project Coordination.

About Me
While relatively new to the tech industry, I studied and received my BS in Cognitive Science with a concentration in linguistics. Briefly before graduation I lived in Hong Kong studying & working as a fashion model. After returning to the US, I worked as a skincare consultant/makeup artist until colliding again with the world of Ai by taking up a position at a startup and grew my skills from a QA and moving up to functioning at Project Coordinator capacity.
I'm looking for
I thrive in fast paced, team oriented companies as I am a fast learner and am excellent in building rapport. My main goal is to find a company/start-up that facilitates its hires' growth and values work-life balance.
I am looking for Project Coordinator position within the world of tech.

Remote, San Francisco, New York

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