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Joan Indiana Lyness

Former journalist and company founder turned full-stack web-developer. I love puzzles and building intuitive interfaces for complex data.

About Me
I'm a formal journalist (wrote under the name Joan Indiana Rigdon for The Wall Street Journal, Red Herring, ForbesWoman and others). During that time I spent two years cycling around the world (and wrote about it for The Wall Street Journal Online). For the last 9 years, I built and ran my own afterschool STEM company, where fabulous instructors teach elementary school kids robotics and programming (and other fun things like Storybook Science!).
I am used to working on deadline and managing myself and others under a set of constantly changing requirements. I'm an excellent communicator and working directly with clients.
I'm looking for
With an extensive background in journalism and my new skills as a web developer, I'd love to work for a news organization or a think tank on developing intuitive interfaces for datasets related to elections, political campaigns or public services.
Web Developer


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