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Ishween Kaur

I am Ishween Kaur, pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. I am a pre-final year student from India. I am dedicated, enthusiastic and hard working towards my work. I love to explore technologies which define me where I am. My university has taught me fundamentals and capable to work in the corporate world and apply it for solving real-world problems. I know C++, Java, Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, OOPS, OOD, TDD, MVC Architecture, Restful API, MySQL, Neo4j, Data Structures and Algorithms.

About Me
I have worked for 6 months in a startup company Fable as a server-side web engineer. After 2 months of it, I was assigned as a leader of my domain. I, Therefore, worked on user stories and use cases documentation according to the requirements specified. This takes a lot of patience as changes have to be included as we proceed further and dig deeper. My mentors helped me a lot during this phase. As per documentation my team developed a server-side application using Python and Flask. We all follow Test Driven Development for smooth processing. SQLAlchemy was used to connect our application with databases. Rest API was implemented in dockerized environment.
I and My team 'Herricane' won a Dell hackathon organized in our campus on Topic 'Fraud Detect and Act'.
I have a full grasp of programming, data structure, algorithm. I would be thrilled to learn more alongside your team of engineers and developers.
My education and experience have taught me a lot about technology and also how to tackle problems and never give up. This has opened up a new area of professional growth for me in a remarkable way, and I aspire to build on this momentum by becoming part of a technical team which can provide me a diverse and challenging environment.
I'm looking for
I want to work in a company that innovates, respect employees, treat employees as human beings, are a flexible and flat company, where I can get chance to explore more and easy switching within the company.
Software Engineer, Web Developer, Back-end Developer, Data Analyst

No Preference

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