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Henry Hsu

Former nurse and recent grad of programming school looking for software engineering opportunities

About Me
I am/was a nurse in the surgical specialties for the last 10+ years, lifelong tech enthusiasts and have recently completed my training at the Holberton School of Software Engineering at San Francisco.
Ideally, I would love to find a role in companies in the healthcare, education, non-profit, or entertainment/media sector. I have seen firsthand how technology can and have transformed our lives (for better and for worse), and want to be a part of an organization that is working to make our collective lives better.
I'm looking for
I am looking for a role in a company that I feel passionate about in some fashion; be it because of their mission, their culture, their product, their industry, or their people.
Industries that I feel enthusiastic about include but are not limited to: education (democratization of), healthcare (either non-U.S., or disrupting traditional U.S. healthcare model), social good/non-profit, and gaming related (digital or tabletop).
A great benefit would be working for a company that genuinely cares about their customers, their workers, and their product.
Full stack developer, game developer, web developer

SF Bay area, LA, Seattle, Remote, Foreign (In relation to U.S.)

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