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A curious and passionate developer who believes that it’s not about the languages I know, it’s about breaking projects down into small chunks, communicating with my team, and embracing every opportunity to learn. Proven ability to deliver pixel-perfect results while working under pressure with tight deadlines. Approaches projects from a user-focused perspective to ensure websites are accessible to all users and adaptive to all devices and browsers.

About Me
I love making connections between what the client wants and what the user experiences. To do that, I help the client map out her project goals, define her brand personality, and research her target audience. Once we settle on the desired project outcome, my job is to support and enhance the client's message with design and code that doesn't get in the way. I make sure the understands the timeline of the project and can see the development process through wireframes, HTML demos, and staging sites. I like to empower the client by using lots of custom fields on WordPress so that she can make changes to her site's content without worrying about breaking anything. I also try my best to make sure that the site is enjoyable to everyone using it, no matter what device, browser, or personal ability.
I'm looking for
I'm looking to join a team that prioritises personal and professional development for all team members. For example, if I get stuck in my code, I want to be part of a team that will help me figure it out and learn for next time rather than just solve the issue themselves.
Front End Web Developer


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