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Gabrielle Micheletti

Entrepreneurial, design-minded, humane technologist. Exposure to Solidity + blockchain engineering via developer course auditing, as well as Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails, CSS, and Processing. Bilingual Italian, also studied Spanish, French, Classical Greek + Latin. I have a diversity of deep experience with applied research in many client facing roles, and a hybrid profile that touches on multidiscipline spheres of design, tech, and business. Passionate about inclusion, co-liberation, redecentralization, open-source, and social impact.

About Me
I’ve previously worked in firms such as Pininfarina (Mahindra) and Young & Rubicam/VML, and have recently collaborated in both remunerated and volunteer work on diverse projects specifically in the decentralised, open-source tech ecosystem.
In the past I studied humanities and languages, receiving a B.A. summa cum laude in Philosophy. I continued self-directed learning via the Interaction Design Foundation (earning certificates in both Emotional Design and Human-Computer Interaction), and Designlab (earning a certification in Experience (UX) Research & Strategy). I was also grateful to audit a Developer Academy Program for Ethereum, made possible by full technical scholarship.
I share the belief with others that inclusion of new and missing voices is crucial foundation for a strong, open, equitable world and global Internet.
The technologies we are inheriting are pervaded by social, cultural, and gender biases, embedded in architecture, through to code and design. Our webs are permeated by this systemic inequity – in things like access, usage, granted advantages, and control of content.
I am committed to helping build this fundamental equality of access and equity for ownership in technology.
I want to do this in a role with direct impact on how teams create a vision together, whether as Product Manager, Developer Advocate, Ambassador/Recruiter, Design Evangelist, etc.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for a commitment to building great cultures — both within and without, internal organization and external ecosystem.
I’m eager to find myself in a place focusing on helping others grow, working to empower, to prioritize safety, that values experimentation, and that will enthusiastically advocate for the needs and wellbeing of everyone on the team.
I want to contribute to an environment where people feel it’s welcomed to push (or even eradicate) the boundaries, and be someplace that embraces change with heart and care.
Product Manager, Developer Advocate, Ambassador/Recruiter, Design Evangelist

Remote or open to relocation

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