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Francine Altman

I am a detail-oriented Web Developer who holds 10+ years experience in the fashion and e-commerce space. As both a Developer and Production Specialist, I value the importance of both style and function in any project I take on. I seek the opportunity to work at a mission-driven organization that creates intuitive products with real humans in mind.

About Me
In addition to experience working with teams as well as in client facing roles, over the last year I have had the opportunity to build some web applications and hone my tech chops with skills refined in a bootcamp program at General Assembly in NYC. I know I will bring a lot of value to a company because I love to build, and understand products but I also love working with people.
I'm looking for
Mentorship, working with new technologies, working towards a goal for the greater good, for instance with a B-corporation or some other socially or environmentally progressive organization.
Web Developer, Software Engineer


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