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Fernanda Marroquin

Web Developer with background in grassroots and non-profit social justice community organizing.

About Me
I was a Community Organizer for grassroots and non-profit organizations for 7 years and in early 2018, I decided I wanted to do more for the communities that I love. I’m a driven self-starter, which is why I took it upon myself to learn the basics of web development. I’m also someone who thrives in teamwork and embraces collective growth, which drove me to participate in the Penn LPS Coding Bootcamp where I developed my programming skills in technologies like JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Node.js, and MongoDB.
When I get stuck on a problem, I start by doing some research. When that doesn’t work out, I’m happy to go to my team for support.
I identify as a queer, migrant, Latina. Throughout my experience as a web developer, I have proven that I can pick up new things fast because I’m passionate about the work I do. And I can't wait to bring my skills and keep learning with a talented and motivated team.
I'm looking for
I'm seeking to work for a company that creates positive impact in people's lives. I'm also looking for a company where I can continue to hone my skills and encourages their employees to keep learning - professional development is important to me since I am looking to take on more leadership and responsibilities as I increase my skills. I'm big on collaboration, and would love to work for a company that embraces open and clear communication.
Web Developer, Software Engineer

Philadelphia, remote, willing to relocate.

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