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Evelyn Lucas

I am an early-career Android Developer with a focus on mobile apps. My aim is to contribute to an innovative and productive engineering team at a company that cares as much about its employees as it cares about their product. I am also a big proponent of diversification in the tech workforce, especially for women of color.

About Me
Over the past 10 months, I have learned to build Java programs and Android Apps from scratch through Pursuit, an elite coding program for individuals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. I have worked individually and in teams on many projects; some including an app based on the Bill & Ted movies, an app that fires off notifications for each Middle-Earth character you click on, and an app for coffee lovers called Stir which is on the Play store.
In addition to my technical skills, I am organized, thorough and detail-oriented. Prior to joining Pursuit, I worked as a Data Specialist at a comics retailer, where I was tasked with building and managing databases detailing merchandise descriptions and images. I was responsible for inputting and cleaning the data as well as reporting monthly summaries to the management team. The patience and eye for detail that I developed as a Data Specialist have been helpful as a software developer as well, in terms of debugging and creating clean code.
I'm looking for
I am looking to contribute to a skilled and supportive engineering team within a company that places great value on its employees. Ideally I would like to work at an established company that is an innovator in their respective field and adapts well to the ever-changing tech and cultural landscapes. Mentorship, as well as continued education on the job should be top priorities.
Android Developer, Software Engineer

New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston

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