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Eriol Fox

Eriol is a Design Lead who has worked in-house for 9+ years. Eriol now runs Humanitarian.design human rights-focused and humanitarian design consultancy. Before that, they worked at Ushahidi, a non-profit developing open-source, digital tools to help people with democratic processes, human rights, and crises like typhoons, earthquakes and terrorism. Eriol is a non-binary, queer person who uses they/them pronouns and an LGBTQIA+ advocate.

About Me
A lead designer with 10+ years of corporate and NGO experience.
Looking to solve complex problems with design, help organisations stay human/user-centred, build cross-functional empathy within teams and embed design research practice rationale in products and services.
Leading design teams since 2016. Active community mentor.
Worked in Lean, agile and remote environments where collaboration is key to product success. Skilled at managing stakeholders, clients and communicating design needs and scoping development.
A published writer, speaker at tech and design conferences both locally and internationally. Diversity and inclusion advocate.
Background in Visual Design, Psychology, HCI and community development.
I'm looking for
Looking for an organisation that does good and makes a positive impact on the world/humans. Values design, research, discussion, inclusion and invests in teams health and growth.
Senior/Lead Designer

UK, Europe or Remote.

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