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Emily Jennings

I’m a junior engineer but a mid-career professional. Programming is a passion that I discovered in the past few years, and I’m addicted. I’ve been a teacher, a philosopher, an event planner, an admissions manager, volunteered with non-profits, and lived abroad. Now I’m here to build great tech to make the world a nicer place to live, to have fun doing it, and to learn a ton.

About Me
My background in education and philosophy is useful every day as a programmer. My communication skills are honed because of years in the classroom and in campus admissions. I have organization skills and can easily self-guide my learning because I understand theories of pedagogy. I am able to tackle problems of logic with no fear because my background in philosophy prepared me to solve ambiguous problems. I am really curious to know more and more about computer science and how to make modern apps. I balance learning as part of a team with learning independently and I am never afraid to try new things. I love solving programming problems more than anything because failing over and over helps me learn and grow, and it's fun! I would be really honored to become part of a team where I can solve unexpected problems daily.
My career and life has taken me to many places and interests, but nothing compares to the interest and passion I have for programming. I discovered that programming is luring and satisfying for me a couple of years ago, and a year ago I ramped up my learning to be a full stack developer. I enjoy puzzle-solving when I am coding and I am driven by the idea that my skills can be powerful to change lives when I build useful things. My focus has been JavaScript/React and Ruby on Rails, and I am eager to learn new languages. Please have a look at my portfolio.
I'm looking for
In my new role, my primary focus is learning a lot. I want to have mentors and opportunities to develop my skills regularly. I don't mind too much about the size of the team, but I hope that the culture will be people-focused and that there is a strong emphasis on empathy. I love working in teams, and the more mutual support there is, the more I thrive.
Software Engineer, Ruby Developer, React Developer, Front End Developer

Washington DC, Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA, Remote

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