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Elizabeth Solorio

I'm a career changer moving from admin assistant to front end developer! I am always open to learning and grow my skills.

About Me
I have hit a couple different checkpoints in my career, all of which have built me a unique skill set. My experience ranges from retail (customer service, communication), elementary school librarian (creativity, patience), laboratory service representative (multitasking, prioritization) and admin assistant (working collaboratively, organization). I was mostly self-directed in my learning when I began coding, but was accepted to the pilot cohort of San Diego Workforce Partnership and UCSD Extension's Income Share Agreement program. I am now working towards an actual certification in my front end skills!
I'm looking for
My dream is to work for a company that provides the opportunity to work with and learn from leaders and mentors. I am a person that loves to learn and continually expand my abilities. I believe feedback and encouragement to pursue betterment is vital for professional growth. It is important that the environment be open to creativity, education, and empowerment of everyone on the team. I'd love a company that treats all employees like they are a part of a team, not just there to do a job.
Front End Web Developer

San Diego, CA or Remote

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