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Deborah Ogana

I am an analytical individual who is passionate about building products that make the user’s life easy.

About Me
I am a skilled Product Manager who is adept in Product Development, Market Research, Product Design, Customer Relationship and Project Management, I’ve launched products that solved users needs.
While my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate analytical abilities and a good market sense, I excel at:
- Collecting valuable customer and market data to
fuel designs.
- Working with engineering and production to
make feasible products that users love.
- Coordinating with the marketing team to
maximize launch effectiveness.
- Maintaining product vision throughout the life cycle.
During my previous role at Workforce Group (Zone Tech Park), I was responsible for coordinating the full product-development lifecycle, including strategic planning, requirements analysis, QA testing, and product launches. My ability to ensure stakeholder buy-in and promote team collaboration allowed me to successfully launch more than 3 profitable product versions developed by cross-functional teams.
I'm looking for
I’m happiest working in products and in a team of product designers and software engineers. I love managing challenging products that I’m responsible for with a high-level activity and a lot of interaction amongst team members.
Product Manager

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