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Courtney Pure

I'm a creative problem solver who loves to use to the tools of animation and code.

About Me
A passionate animator and web developer who loves creative problem solving! I am well-versed in creating and editing various visual content. Using my proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite I use my skills to build community, education, and activism around issues such as sustainability within our food systems, and promoting independent artists and education centers. My most recent role has been animator / technical assistant, with actress and conservationist Isabella Rossellini, on her monologue Link Link Circus, a show about animal intelligence and cognition. I have experience in front end web development especially content management systems such as Wordpress, Squarespace, and Wix. With technologies changing constantly I am currently studying via Treehouse to keep my development skills up to date.
I'm looking for
My dream role would be a place where I am creating and solving problems throughout the day as a front end developer. My strength is in problem solving and deep thought. I enjoy the instant gratification of front end tasks and bug fixing as well as having a helping hand in improving customer experience. My top three dream companies to work for include Microsoft, thoughtbot, DEV community. Through my research these companies have showcased a push for diversity and opportunities to apprentice and share their knowledge to help marginalized groups to succeed in tech.
Front End Web Developer

New York, Remote

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