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Cody Castro

I'm currently in a People & Culture Manager role after being an office manager for two years at an EdTech company. I have varied interests and wouldn't mind leaving People/HR; I want to stay in Tech.

About Me
At the moment I don't have a dream job. My interests are varied and I know I can adapt, learn and exceed at most roles given the opportunity. What I do have is a passion for helping people troubleshoot issues; it's something I do near daily in my current role whether in the office or while connecting with folks looking for new opportunities at my current company or elsewhere. I want to be able to get behind a company that is intentional about the growth of their team and where ideas can be heard and implemented within reason.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for a place with a mission I can get behind that actually values diversity and doesn't just look to their POC employees for all the answers. Somewhere that will support my learning in the particular role as well as professional development that may fall outside my role. And a place where I can move around laterally and be supported in doing so.
People Operations, Recruiting, HR, Customer Support, Customer Success

NYC, Remote

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