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Christina Tovar-Hamernik

Small Business Owner trying to transition to tech as a Front End Web Developer

About Me
I am an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry, and I never pass up the opportunity to encourage friends and family to learn how to code. I accidentally discovered my love for coding when I wanted to understand what my daughter was learning at a summer camp. I took a codecademy.com Introduction to HTML and CSS course intending to learn just enough to carry a conversation with my daughter, but I kept learning. I began taking online programming and WordPress developer courses in my spare time. My natural curiosity and passion for lifelong learning led me to become a Grow With Google Scholar in January 2018, and I graduated from the Udacity Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program in December 2018. I give back to my community by organizing and facilitating a coding club for women.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for a company that understands the power of mentoring and training women re-entering the workforce. I am eager to find a returnship where a short term investment in the growth of my programming skills will return a longterm benefit to the organization. My ideal company will also value my experience as a small business owner.
Web Developer

Remote or Ventura County, CA

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