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Charmaine Estacio

I'm a San Francisco native and a full stack software engineer with a background in education and early stage, high growth startups.

About Me
One of the things that I love most about software engineering is the constant need to adapt to new situations and skills as technology changes. As a lifelong learner, I am thrilled that I get to constantly learn new things throughout my career. I get excited about building meaningful products that make people's lives better. I am a highly supportive and enthusiastic team player who is comfortable working on teams as well as individually on self-directed projects.
I'm looking for
I'm looking for an opportunity where I can take ownership and make positive impact with a collaborative, mission-driven team, while learning and growing as much as possible. I'd love to join a company that values mentorship, growth, diversity, inclusion, and community.
Software Engineer, Full Stack

San Francisco/Oakland

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