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Cesar Marroquin

Full Stack Developer who is continually boosting a set of technology skills. Passionate about learning, problem-solving, and working in diverse teams to help create powerful and intriguing applications.

About Me
In my 8 years of experience as a community organizer in immigrant rights and education reform, my work revolved around empowering people. I believe that my desire to build with those around me, and technical skills, would make me an ideal candidate for your company.
I began my coding journey with Launch Academy where I gained expertise learning Ruby on Rails. Later, I decided to further my technical knowledge by enrolling in the Penn LPS Coding Bootcamp in October of 2018. This is where I developed my skills in technologies like React, JavaScript, MongoDB, SQL, Node.js, and much more. I am always eager to learn more and keep up with the most demanding languages and frameworks in the tech industry, which is why I picked up Python right after graduating. While these skills are valuable, I am most proud of my ability to learn new technologies quickly, effectively, and my dedication that kept me going when things got tough. Being new to the industry, I am aware that I have much to learn. I am excited to contribute my strengths and proficiency in teamwork toward your team efforts. As an extroverted and personable communicator, my focus on building strong professional relationships has been a valuable asset throughout my career.
I'm looking for
The perfect job would be working among other developers who believe in teamwork, leadership, building a strong workflow with a supportive circle around us. I value a company that holds itself to its highest level in the industry, a place where you know you are creating good and making change among your peers.
Web Developer, Designer, Full Stack Developer, Python Developer.

Philadelphia, Remote, New Jersey.

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