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Carlos R. Castillo

Life-long learner looking to break into tech. Passionate about helping others and giving back to my community

About Me
I have been teaching myself Python for the last few months. I'm also slowly learning how to use Docker and studying for the ITF+ certification. I've also been learning a little of Python data science libraries like Seaborn, Numpy, Scipy, etc.
I am very passionate about learning and tech fascinates me. I hope to join a company that is building solutions that help make life easier for people, directly or indirectly.
In my career, I hope to continue my learning and to absorb as many skills and pools of knowledge as I can so that I can help both who I'm working for and my community. I hope to become someone respected in tech that can also help open doors for others seeking the same opportunity I am.
I'm looking for
I am looking for a company that invests in their employees and provides the opportunity for them to grow, learn, and become subject-matter experts. I also value companies that see the importance of giving back and have channels for their employees to get involved in helping outside of work.
Lastly, I really value companies that see the importance of diversity not just for their diversity of thought in operations and leadership but also for their employees. It's always comforting when a company has ERGs . I also personally like to get involved and help make other employee's experience better with different programming, so ERGs are important to me.
Engineer, full-stack, frontend, backend, data scientist

Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Rochester

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