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Bekah Hawrot Weigel

I'm a Front End Developer, who taught college English for ten years prior to making the career transition. I've spent the last year working with React, but I have experience with Ruby and Rails as well.

About Me
The last year I've worked on developing my frontend skills by learning hooks, testing with Jest and React Testing Library, and updating existing code. I've taken existing code and updated them with React and made storybook components. Most recently, I moved the forms on a site from Redux to using hooks and Formik.
I'm looking for
I want to write strong code, learn from others--at any point in their coding journey--and be challenged. I have a knack for being analytical, bringing groups together, and having a growth mindset. I love writing code, but coming from teaching college English, I also love writing and speaking. I love working towards a cause, especially if it helps under-represented groups.
Most importantly, I'm interested in working with people who are empathy-driven, and who value work-life balance.
Web Developer


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