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Ayooluwa Oyewo

I am passionate , focused , given to learning and I do that at a fast pace, I love teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, and also contributing to the growth of the tech community.

About Me
I am Ayooluwa Oyewo a Full Stack Developer with about three years of experience coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Building state-of-art, easy to use, user-friendly websites and applications is my passion and i am confident I would be an excellent addition to your organization. In addition to my knowledge base, I actively seek out new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements. This has allowed me to deliver impressive work to all of my employers, having worked on some projects.
I have experience working with Agile methodologies using pivotal tracker, Jira, and trello as tools, while communicating on slack and having video sessions on zoom, Go to meeting and skype, so I can easily incorporate the remote work culture based on this experience.
I also love teamwork, giving feedback, receiving feedback, and also contributing to the growth of the tech community as I have volunteered as a facilitator and mentor in various programs to help introduce newbies to tech.
Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.
Ayooluwa Oyewo
I'm looking for
A Company and role where Diversity, Growth, Collaboration, communication, and feedback is allowed.
Web Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer


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