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Avarna Jain

Environmental researcher turned software engineer who enjoys the creative problem solving capacity of software

About Me
In June 2019 I completed a full stack software engineering bootcamp called Hackbright Academy. In my previous life as an environmental researcher I used to help model greenhouse gas fluxes in various ecosystems across the United States. You can say that I love working with numbers and finding meaningful trends in data and so I decided to do the software engineering bootcamp to help me make a bigger difference.
I'm looking for
I'm a new software engineer with a magnified curiosity to learn and apply my new skills. I'm looking to work at a company that is able to mentor me to hone my skills and help me become a great engineer. During my time at Hackbright Academy, I immensely enjoyed the full-stack aspect of our classes. Making a website while planning the database, the backend apis as well as watching it come to life with the front end was all very satisfying and exciting. I used Flask, React, Postgres, and AWS to deploy. Visit my website at newsbymood.com
Software engineering, back or front end

San Francisco, New York

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