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Ashley Beck

I am a Digital Marketing Manager + Data Analyst driven by deep truths and change.

About Me
I am a Data Science; Digital Marketing professional -- book addict-- who values diversity, team work, entrepreneurial work environments and I thrive with ‘freedom and responsibility’. I daydream about one day being able to work alongside an archalogist and visualize data in harmony with daily discoveries. I strive to understand the clear goals a startup, individual, team or department is trying to achieve with digital channels and the business problems they’re trying to solve with data. I enjoy supporting startups, data science/analytics projects by simplifying data sources, and identifying optimal ways to prepare + navigate datasets. I try to maintain a habitual understanding of national and international business needs and relations through consistent research and development of internal case studies and analysis.
I'm looking for
I am looking to work/partner with people who truly believe in diversity (being about it). Investing myself in part of a company, individual, or startups driven by change in marginalized groups is important to me. Additionally, working for a company who takes additional interestd in Space (NASA), Archaelogy, and products that bring necessary change/development and businesses who have a great core goal and company culture would be ideal.
Digital Marketing Marketing Manager + Data Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Innovation Officer, Diversity Analyst Manager, Data Research, Research Analyst

Remote, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, London, Ghana etc

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