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Ashley E White

I am a free thinker determined to use data science to democratize critical thinking and decision making in the workplace and society.

About Me
I started my career at Deloitte Consulting, where I learned how to deconstruct difficult client problems and first developed my data analysis "toolkit." At Deloitte, I supported and led data analytics projects for civilian and military agencies and developed recommendations to improve mission readiness, effectiveness, and efficiency. In my most recent role at AECOM, I used data to assess market attractiveness to determine the company's global strategic priorities. What has been central to all of my experiences is utilizing the power of data to make informed strategic decisions.
I'm looking for
Aside from my professional experience, my time as an undergraduate studying Finance at Howard University instilled within me the importance of truth and service. Because of those values, I have chosen to re-focus my career on using data as a tool for social impact. To support my career transition, I enrolled in a full-time Data Science Immersive focused on real-world applications of data science principles and best practices, primarily with Python.
Data Science, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Strategy, Research Analyst

New Orleans, Atlanta, Austin, Remote

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