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Annah Gerletti

Marine biologist turned software developer turned client support engineer. Passionate self-starter, who loves engaging with people.

About Me
I am a big picture thinker with a thirst to learn and seek out challenges. People are my passion, partaking in effective communication and trust with internal and external stakeholders’ results in fluid collaboration and long-lasting relationships. In addition to having client service experience, I have a think-outside-the-box attention to detail coupled with a set of established organizational skills.
While living in Wellington New Zealand, I was on the organizing committee for Code Camp Wellington 2019 technology conference. The one-day free conference hosted 21 speakers and 2000 guests, which also included two venues and multiple venders. I was heavily involved in the negotiation and communication for sponsorship from my company Flux Federation. I earned specific recognition for my ability to stay on top of any changes and keeping everyone well informed.
I'm looking for
I am interested in being part of company that is having a positive impact in the world. I want to make a difference and change how we live our lives today. It is important to me to have time with my family, I am looking for a company that supports their employees in having a work life balance.
We are forever learners, I am looking for a company that offers mentorship and training for all areas within the company.
Junior Project Management

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